End Software Patents

If you, like me but unlike American legislation, think that software patents are just unthinkable, please join forces with End Software Patents. Spread the word, help your friends understand why it’s inconceivable to claim ownership upon ideas and mathematics, not to say both (as software).

Please note that this is not just a campaign or petition, they’re also offering legal help if you’re stuck with a patent claim or if you need better arguments on why software patents are bad to our business.

Thanks Josh for the link!

DRM in external drives?

Western Digital thinks that bundling the external hard drive with a crappy software that won’t allow you to share your own videos, music and photos is security.

A friend of mine have this disk, he uses for everything, including legal music bought over the internet and other mp3 (like my band’s songs) without DRM. It works a charm on his Mac and on my Linux, I didn’t even know that drive had restrictions.

It’s quite easy for the newbie geek to avoid DRM (especially if he/she uses Linux or Mac which is common) but the non-geek consumer will probably give up the whole thing and by a new one. If only the hardware industry would just stop and think for a second…

I wonder if the same security consultant WD used is the one behind biometric passwords… or probably they just did the same security course at Microsoft…

UPDATE: a very good article by BBC.

What is DRM?

Following DeffectiveByDesign’s campaign to show the world what really is DRM when someone search it on google, I’m adding the link below to explain the world what really is DRM. Please, add the link below with DRM as description to any page you have the access to write (and won’t cost you your job):

http://www.defectivebydesign.org/what_is_drm like this: DRM

Read more about it here.

Digital Rights Nightmare

Cory Doctorow (from http://www.boingboing.net/) wrote a very good article about how DRM can be a shoot on it’s own foot and how it pushes even more the intellectual property away from the artist.


Apple tried so hard to be like Microsoft that they’re now just like them against Netscape last decade, but now it’s not just a free browser, it’s a legion of big hardware companies (bigger than Apple itself) and they are going to retaliate using the same weapons.

Really hope they kill themselves in the process and rid of us of their stupidity.