is our personal blog, about our personal opinions on life, the universe and everything. Mostly concerning security, development, digital rights, free and open source software, privacy, physics and a few other random bits. In no way our opinions, or the ones expressed in this blog,  are related or connected to our employers or almae matres. We do not intend to offend, but offence can sometimes be found in the eye of the beholder. Read at your own discretion.

We don’t like to write about other people’s posts or news articles (like “look how cool is that!”) unless we have something concrete to talk about (or it’s really, really cool). What normally end up happening is that we gather a few links about a particular subject and link them up together with a post. In the end, it means that you won’t see several small posts per day or week (like most commercial blogs), but a a few big posts once in a while.

As you have probably realised, this is not a commercial blog. We don’t do paid articles and we don’t have banners or paid links. We treat spam very seriously, so unless you have a decent comment and your website link is not mortgage/pills/lottery/ads related, we’ll treat it as spam.

Your opinion is your own and should not be linked to any company or cause. So, some comments might still pass (if they look legit enough), but their web links can be removed, especially if they look like shameless plugs.

We are not anti-social, just very serious about technology. Feel free to comment, digg, stumbleupon, or whatever means of interaction you do with blogs. We’ll be delighted to hear good and bad things about what we think and say.

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