After the buzz on Windows 7 I decided to take a look on a video posted (apparently by Microsoft itself) on youtube.

I was expecting to hear about the new Operating System, only to find out that everything that matters to MS is the Window Manager. No memory or CPU consumption reports, no filesystem or network configuration structure, nothing.

Anyway, I have to talk about the interface then… Now, is it only me or they’re copying what Gnome/Compiz is doing? Because, copying Apple it’s obvious, even Gnome/Compiz is at some extent.

First, window transparency and ALT-TAB with window thumbnails to select with your mouse. Done. Second, dragging icons to the taskbar, what’s new on THAT?!

But now, “something really cool we’re putting in Windows 7 is called ‘snap-to’ “?!?!? If I recall right, the graphical interface from the PARC team already had tiled/cascade window arrangement and undoubtedly Microsoft used that on Windows 3, so how is that cool in any way?

Well, they better have a much stabler environment and much lower footprint, otherwise they won’t have nothing really serious to show.

4 Replies to “What’s new on Windows 7?”

  1. Hello Renato..

    It looks like that you hate M$ just like me.. hehehe..

    But come on.. give them some credit.. they are really good at the marketing and copying others ideas department!!

    :: LeoLuz

  2. That’s the point!

    They’re showing “new” features that were introduced in 1960 as if they were the latest inventions from the super-duper-clever guys at MS…

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