After writing my last post I couldn’t stop thinking about pipes and remembered a nice game called Pipe Dream (aka Pipe Mania) and than it came to me the geeky version of this game:

You have a starting point (some lines of text) and some ending points (stripped versions of the original text) and a few grep blocks with regular expressions. The objective is to place the grep blocks from start to finish before the data floods out.

grep pipes

After a few minutes with OODraw and Gimp I could come to this (horrible and ill drawn) interface for the game. Nothing really exciting, just to give you an idea on what should happen… πŸ˜‰

I’ve also did a sample code on what the underlying library should look like available here.

The idea is to have more commands, such as awk, sed and perl to make it harder (because each one has its own regular expression syntax). A tee should also be required to split paths and other programs such as cat, diff and comm re-unite them.

Harder levels of the game should have bigger boards, tricky regular expressions and even more than one board with netcat or ssh bridges to send data across the network. Also, to increase the level of reality, some programs such as cat and grep should let the data flow faster than others like perl.

Another option is to let the user define the regular expression by hand or number of lines to crop. This would be like having some of the blocks as wild cards, in case there isn’t any suitable block available.

Anyway, the options are endless and I’m sure there will be lots of people that would love it (me included) but I’m a complete failure to design user interfaces. So this is an open invitation, if you’d like to see this game out and could give me a hand with the interface, just let me know… πŸ˜‰

Just bear in mind the following fundamental pre-condition: the game must allow (better still, encourage) keyboard-only playing, even if high-end OpenGL graphics interface is used.

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