Now you can build your own robot! Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, USA, has released its recipes to build robots as home.

Using TeRK (Telepresence Robot Kit), you can find all pieces you need and even adapt others parts to do your own robot.

Right now, they have 4 recipes:

Qwerkbot Classic (The Qwerkbot Classic is the simplest mobile robot that you can build using a Qwerk processor. Utilizing the holes in the Qwerk enclosure as mount points for two motors and a caster the Qwerkbot recipe literally turns your Qwerk into a robot.)

Qwerkbot+ (The Qwerkbot+ adds a pan-tilt head to allow independent motion of the camera and robot base. This version is somewhat more challenging to build than the Qwerkbot Classic.)

AC Power (The AC power Adapter allows you to power a QweRK from an ordinary AC wall outlet.)

Flower (The Flower is a stationary robot with seven degrees of freedom. Once you have built the Flower, you can use TeRK’s Robot Universal Remote and Flower Power software to program its movements. You can program your Flower to rise or wilt and program the motions of its petals. Because the Flower is equipped with IR sensors on three of its petals, it can track objects moving in front of it. It can even catch a lightweight ball.)

While all others bots are for beginners, the Flowers is quite more complex and you can spend 10 hours building it.

But, how cute is that!

Flower Robot

They also have softwares for controlling your TeRK robot, like this Flower Plower to program your Flower Robot.

Flower Power Software

Actually, the robot’s secret is the internal electronic controller Qwerk, a microcomputer using Linux to control all cameras, USB devices, engines and sensors. The robot’s sftware is Open Source and you can use virtually any computer language.

Oh, yes! There are bad news… Now, they are selling the kit just in US. By the way, the Flower Robot Total cost of parts is $725,00.