The Economist have published recently a very interesting article about the open source economic model: Open, but not as usual

It’s a great article and shows many sides of this new business paradigm (not just a developer utopia) and, of course, I have some thoughts to share (otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this! 😉

Some say that the open source revolution has already happened, what (IMHO) has not. The open source revolution is not only free beer nor only free speech, it’s about the free augmentation of everyone’s thoughts, without any licence or copyright to block people of sharing knowledge around.

Open source for software is about sharing code and help augmenting good ideas and killing bad ideas much faster than any company could do, even the biggest ones.

Open source for music is about writing music and letting other people play it whenever they want, so the feedback about your work is maximized at a level you would never get it by yourself.

Open source in science is about collaborating for a new great discovery instead of fighting for a stupid Nobel prize.

Open source for manufacturing is about letting poor countries produce tools for recovering their people of sickness the same countries that keep manufacturing secrets created.

Open source, in it’s most pure form, is about synergy of human thoughts at the highest level possible, and that’s far from happening on today’s earth.

Of course, with the internet, with open source development, with open source hardware, with open source medicine and with open source we are well served for the 21st century, but we’ll always need more!

“It’s the end of the line” happens so often, and quite a few times on great minds, that people are beginning to disregard such comments, and that’s a good thing. We know so few of such a small subset of our universe that saying we know all about something is so stupid that it often makes me laugh.

So, no, it’s not “just that”, the open source is not yet dormant, waiting for a sunny day to show it’s face. And for that I don’t mean open source software only, I mean the free and wireless world of instant communications between all minds, without any lock or constrain to fade the power of the synergy between our thoughts.

The human race will be just another one on this net, as I believe we can se the power of all minds, including our 100-neurons-worms that should help us with some more boring thoughts like “what’s the secret of the universe (…)?” and let us concentrate on the real questions like “which one is better, the red or the blue hat?”