Card Game Scores Android App
Intro: While playing Uno with the family, we realized that marking the scores is a pain and it can take several minutes until we find a pen and a paper that works. Looking around the Android Market I haven't found anything that was just right, so here it is: the card game (yeah, it's generic) score board.

Code: The code is simple, seeded from an Android example and grown by accident. It's licensed as GPL and you can find it at GitHub:

Screenshots: The app is not pretty, but it's functional, and that's what matters to me. ;)

Images 1 & 2: Start-up screen with a little help text, and adding up players' names. Last Game will retrieve the last game: player's list, maximum points and whether it was to win or lose when reaching the maximum.

Images 3 & 4: Updating scores and final screen when score is past the limit.

Download: The app is not on the market yet, since I have no intentions of paying the Google tax, but you can download it from here and install by clicking on the download notification. It needs no special features and has no ads or phone-home habilities.

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