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[ # ] 2010 – Year of what?
January 29th, 2010 under Computers, Life, OSS, Physics, rengolin, Unix/Linux, World

Ever since 1995 I hear the same phrase, and ever since 2000 I stopped listening. It was already the year of Linux in 95 for me, so why bother?

But this year is different, and Linux is not the only revolution in town… By the end of last year, the first tera-electronvolt collisions were recorded in the LHC, getting closer to see (or not) the infamous Higgs boson. Now, the NIF reports a massive 700 kilojoules in a 10 billionth of a second laser, that, if it continues on schedule, could lead us to cold fusion!!

The human race is about to finally put the full stop on the standard model and achieve cold fusion by the end of this year, who cares about Linux?!

Well, for one thing, Linux is running all the clusters being used to compute and maintain all those facilities. So, if it were for Microsoft, we’d still be in the stone age…

UPDATE: More news on cold fusion

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[ # 437 ] Comment from LeoLuz [February 1, 2010, 6:12 PM]

Hi Renato,

Nice thought about coldfusion related to Linux. By the way, I’m anxious about (hopefully) be able to see many standard models be broken.

Just an observation.. there is a broken link to the BBC News page. It has “http://” twice. :)


[ # 438 ] Comment from rengolin [February 1, 2010, 8:25 PM]

Hi Leo,

Thanks for the link report, it’s the wordpress trying to be smart…

Some physicists are also more interested in seeing the standard broken than otherwise. It’ll be more challenging for the next decades… ;)

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