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[ # ] Bioinformatics and its problems
February 21st, 2008 under Bioinformatics, Biology, Computers, Devel, rengolin

For the last two months I’ve been writing a text about software quality in bioinformatics and the first part is done: I finally finished the basic concepts and tasks on why and how to perform software quality assurance in bioinformatics.

The big reasons why I focused in bioinformatics are:

  1. I’m working in a bioinformatics institute
  2. Bioinformatics has LOTS of problems

If you liked the first part (link just above) or would like to know more about my solutions and ideas keep reading. Use the root link as your entry point and go reading by chapter.

I couldn’t do the next/previous links as the wiki software doesn’t have this automatically and I didn’t want to hard-code it in the text (it’s a software quality text, isn’t it?).


  • The text was written very fast, you’ll probably find lots of incoherent phrases and grammar errors, ignore them for now as I’m re-reading and re-writing everything.
  • I’ve put more than I think I should and am now filtering what’s worth staying. I might also add a few more new things.
  • Most code samples won’t work, they’re a simplified language for clarification only.

Do let me know if you think you could add something I forgot or disagree on any concept, the text is in a very immature state yet.

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