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DRM backing off, at last!
December 29th, 2007 under Digital Rights, rengolin. [ Comments: 4 ]

After EMI and Universal, Warner is also making music available without DRM protection at Amazon’s website.

It couldn’t be done without the efforts of us all, especially the guys at Defective by Design, a campaign of the Free Software Foundation.

I hope we don’t need to wait until next Christmas to see Sony do the same thing… sigh…

Avaaz did it again!
December 19th, 2007 under Politics, rengolin. [ Comments: 2 ]

Avaaz.org is a community of global citizens who take action on the major issues facing the world today. The aim of Avaaz.org is to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decisions. Avaaz.org members act for a more just and peaceful world and a globalisation with a human face.

In other words, they stand for a true democracy for the people and the planet and I’m honoured to be part of this community.

This time was about Bali’s new treaty on climate change and how they made Canada back up on it’s partnership with the US to screw the environment even more.

Every time I receive an email from them with news like that and the difference they can make I know that there is good in this world and the human race is not doomed to extinction, at least not at the pace most would imagine.

Congratulations again Avaaz, very well done!

Free beer as in free speech
December 13th, 2007 under Fun, OSS, rengolin. [ Comments: 1 ]

Some Brazilian guys are doing FREE BEER in the true sense: using open source recipes licensed by creative commons.

Every batch is tagged with a version, 1.0, 2.0 etc. They’re currently on version 3.4! But you can still get the last 1.0 at ebay.

DRM in external drives?
December 10th, 2007 under Digital Rights, Hardware, rengolin. [ Comments: none ]

Western Digital thinks that bundling the external hard drive with a crappy software that won’t allow you to share your own videos, music and photos is security.

A friend of mine have this disk, he uses for everything, including legal music bought over the internet and other mp3 (like my band’s songs) without DRM. It works a charm on his Mac and on my Linux, I didn’t even know that drive had restrictions.

It’s quite easy for the newbie geek to avoid DRM (especially if he/she uses Linux or Mac which is common) but the non-geek consumer will probably give up the whole thing and by a new one. If only the hardware industry would just stop and think for a second…

I wonder if the same security consultant WD used is the one behind biometric passwords… or probably they just did the same security course at Microsoft…

UPDATE: a very good article by BBC.

Say NO to crapy OOXML!
December 6th, 2007 under rengolin, Technology. [ Comments: none ]

Another request (not DRM this time) from the freedom front: Please help FFII and DIGISTAN to keep us free of the crapy non-standards Microsoft is trying to impose to put down Open Office by visiting this page and contributing with any information (or more) you can.

Bottom line is, Open Office (which uses the standard format, ODF) is competing with MS Office more and more. Nothing serious yet, of course but they do remember quite well that a decade ago, Linux was nothing but a nerd thing and today it’s real competition. So MS came with OOXML as a standard to force other companies to follow their line.

Nothing wrong on having standards, but OOXML won’t bring anything new and it’s broken from birth (check their page for more information). So, why pollute the market with broken standards that don’t have anything worth besides giving a bit more of market share to the company that already owns most of it (and we all know they didn’t get it fair, don’t we)?

The Geneva meeting is in February and they have only 70k out of 100k signatures for their petition, please sign if you haven’t yet and help with whatever else you can.

Thank you!


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